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    For the Love of Gardening Planner


    Keep your garden dreams alive all year long with well-watered ambitions! This simple, beautiful, printable planner is designed to keep you productive and focused on growth, not get lost in the weeds of a bunch of non-essential workpages. Get ready for an awesome gardening season ahead! 🌱✨ Print multiple pages of the ones you need and none of the ones you don’t.

    You’ll receive in an instant digital download:

    • 11 page (including cover) PDF booklet.
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    Physical Cash Envelopes – Fun Bundle


    Step into the world of stress-free budgeting with our practical and delightful cash envelopes! Budgeting doesn’t have to be a chore; it can be a source of joy and control over your finances. Imagine effortlessly organizing your spending categories, from groceries to entertainment, with the simple elegance of cash envelopes. It’s not just about managing money; it’s about making your financial journey enjoyable. With our envelopes, you’ll experience the satisfaction of staying on track, all while relishing the freedom that comes with a well-organized budget. Say goodbye to financial stress and hello to a happier, more balanced life. Budgeting has never been this easy, or this enjoyable!

    These adorable watercolor illustrated cash envelopes are ready to ship within two days!
    Want custom gift cash envelopes? Send us a message on the contact page!

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    To Have and To Hold Relationship Journal


    This digital, printable couples journal titled “To Have and To Hold” is the perfect gift for Brides and Grooms, the perfect activity to bring along on your honeymoon, or a sweet Valentine’s gift for your spouse to encourage reconnecting on every level! Includes 6 couples affirmation pages to print and display!

    To Have and To Hold is a collaborative space for partners to nurture their relationship, fostering deeper understanding and growth through shared reflections and memories. Styled with warm, dramatic, deep colors to evoke deep emotions with a masculine edge to encourage partner collaboration.

    Ways to Use This Couples’ Journal:
    1. Journal Together: Ask each other questions, talk about your future, reminisce + share memories of your relationship
    2. Digitally: Import into Goodnotes and add stickers, quotes, and photos as part of the answer to your questions.
    3. Engagement, Marriage or Honeymoon Journal
    4. As an Anniversary Journal